At Onesha, we aim to make businesses in line with the times. We help you with digital and social media through our network of skilled creatives.

Our Services

Through our network of skilled creatives, we partner with you on the following services.
Digital Media Content

Onesha provides the creative services you require to power your digital media from graphics to photography.

design animation film
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Social Media

We give you a fresh and lively social media plan to guide the content you post on various platforms.

facebook instagram twitter
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Content Strategy

Onesha provides consultancy to guide your content marketing efforts and align with your brand.

leads engagement content
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Digital Content Providers

We give your business a digital lifeline through content creation and strategy for a positive impact on your customers and your followers.

  • Deep research and strategy
  • Carefully crafted content plans
  • Amazing creative talent
  • Super friendly support team

Our customers

Don't let our promises scare you, get the information right from our customers.

We have worked with both large and small businesses to provide the skills they need to make digital content. We also offer valuable advice that helps them carry on the tasks on their own.

Our highly rated Social Media audit also helps identify opportunities you can use in your social media platforms. You too can get the audit to find out how far you need to go to be in line with industry leaders.

The audit involves analysing how you use content for engagement, the media formats used, your level of engagement and communication and how to improve your social media strategy to increase sales and traffic.

Pangea Accelerator
Startup Accelerator
Motion graphics and video
Fragrances by Lexy
Fashion Business
Content plan, page management
Payment Platform
Content Plan and video production
Events Management Platform
Content plan and motion graphics

The amazing Team

According to us, impossible is an imaginary word.

Ben Momanyi Business Strategy
Levis Lawrence Product Development
Edwin Kamunge Sales and Marketing
Sarah Wambui Finance and Strategy
Mike Wachianga Business Dev
Dan Kimani System Architect
Kevin Gachiri Brand Consultant
Maureen Mbugua Digital Media

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We are proud to work for you.

Let us help you identify what you need to change or improve in your digital and social media. Get an audit today.

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