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Then you need to understand social media. Most people ignore social media yet it is an essential piece of modern business marketing. We'll show you how it could also be used to drive business strategy.

Why Social Media?

Social media will increase your business’ recognition, traffic, and sales giving you the ability to trace impact which you cannot do with traditional media. On Instagram alone 80 percent of people follow at least one business. Position your business to benefit from this trend. Social media provides you with various tools to enable you connect and interact with your customers on a more personal level. To strengthen your brand further, social media will give your business the context and the voice to attract even newer customers and build a community of satisfied consumers.

Case studies

Businesses that seek to grow to new markets and capture new audiences have embraced social media to achieve this objective. Don’t take our word for it, here are case studies.

Optica Africa
African eyewear company

Optica aspires to be Africa’s leading company that provides comprehensive optical care. Optica offers customers world class products and services at unrivalled prices and with a level of professionalism equal to any in the optical world.

Optica uses social media to not only push sales to their stores and their e-commerce website, Optica offers comprehensive tips on how to better take care of your eyes and improving eyesight. 7% of Optica’s traffic comes from social media which indicates that some of Optica’s customers make a purchasing decision based on Optica’s content on their social channels.
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During the #Worldretinaday, Optica announced to their online community of 97,000 people to schedule eye check-ups in their stores across the country, this not only gave them access to a new type of customer, but drove foot traffic to their stores countrywide as well as pushing brand visibility in the global conversation of #worldretinaday which had over 500k mentions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

eyewear social media engagement

Warby-Parker, an American eyewear company, recently made headlines and got tons of earned media coverage by simply being smart and creative on social media.

Four friends. A $700 pair of glasses lost on an airplane. And a big business idea with $1.2billion Market Valuation. This is how Warby Parker (WP) came into being. This trendy eyeglass company knows what millennials want and gives it to them in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

Instances when Warby Parker Creatively used Social Media read more ...

  1. Warby Parker website has a feature allowing customers to upload a picture of themselves, choose their frames, and then share the images on social media to gather opinions on which ones to purchase. Not only does this allow millennials to make an informed decision, it’s also a brilliant free marketing tactic by the company, as images of both virtual and home try-ons are all over social media. According to socialmediastrategiessummit, The Company also frequently posts images of staff members trying on multiple frames, asking fans for their opinions on which one they should choose.
    Fun fact: They’ve managed to build quite a loyal group of followers. Search for #warbyparker, and you’ll get over 180,860 posts by their followers and fans.
  2. Warby Parker Ran a campaign asking people to share photos of their dogs in WP Glasses. For two weeks, they ran the Warby Barker campaign on social media, featuring stunning pictures of professional dog models (goals!) sporting WP glasses.
    Result, 2.5% increase in traffic using this user generated content an over 1400 user posts on Instagram.
This story originally appeared on Jumpermedia.

warbyparker social media conversion
The Trend
Entertainment Show

The Nation Media Group is the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa with operations in print, broadcast and digital media. The Nation Media Group owns NTV which airs one of the most viewed shows on air, The Trend, which literally grew on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. #thetrend’s former host and Pioneer, Larry Madowo is one of the most followed personalities on social media with a combined following of 2 million followers.

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The station, NTV in Youtube alone, according to socialblade has a total of 30,000 uploads, 386K subscribers and 160 million total views since joining in March 22nd 2012. #thetrend itself has 203k twitter followers, the highest following of a show in the country verified by Twitter itself. This huge following gives NTV an opportunity to distribute new content every day from the show and building a potential revenue stream for brands that desire to ride on it.#thetrend has over 13k tweets, 500k mentions and over 300k retweets of their posts.This shows how highly engaging the show is on Twitter.

#thetrend leverages Twitter to escalate the conversation beyond TV
The trend was co-hosted by Ciku Muiruri(15k Twitter followers), Eddie Butita(53k Twitter followers), Anita Nderu(43k Twitter Followers) and The Popular Timothy Kimani(Njugush, with a Twitter following of 45k) .This provided(s) a perfect distribution platform for all the micro-content that was being generated by #thetrend.The Audience watching from the comfort of their homes would ask questions directly on Twitter and get answered live on air.
#thetrend itself has 203k twitter followers, the highest following of a show in the country verified by Twitter itself. This huge following gives NTV an opportunity to distribute new content every day from the show and building a potential revenue stream for brands that desire to ride on it.#thetrend has over 13k tweets, 500k mentions and over 300k retweets of their posts.This shows how highly engaging the show is on Twitter.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney started in the 1920s originally as Disney World Studios. In 1927 ‘ Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” cartoon was first released. For we all know what made Disney what it is today. The beloved “Mickey Mouse”.

Walt Disney used social media to communicate their brand to their target audiences. It has developed its brand over time by adapting to the technology available. This has been seen through the jump from cartoon animation to film and social media has played a huge part in the development. They capture their audience through film which is an art and through social media.


The whole concept of the Twitter account is to inspire and motivate followers with famous quotes and lines from Disney films and characters. They know how to create shareable content and films which makes them so successful on Twitter. People want to be able to relate to a brand and Disney makes this easy through tweets. For instance “Kindness is a strength”. They also like to hop on trends but personalize their content by relating it to their brand and films just like they did for the National Dance Day with Lilo and Stitch. View Tweet


They put different content from what they put in Twitter. Their Instagram account shows a more human side of Disney. The physical people, character, premieres, events, and Disney world itself. This shows how Disney translates into the physical world even though it was initially created for cinema. The extent of the brand is huge channeling across so many different industries, concepts and ideas. View Post


Disney have over 150,000 followers on Pinterest and it's as magical as you imagined it to be with 28 boards and over 500 pins. We are spoiled for choice with the variety of categories. They have innovative and fun board names ranging from Disney films to Disney food and recipes. By expanding to the food industry (which is extremely popular on Pinterest) Disney is setting itself up for success and also adding a Disney twist by stamping their authority on films and animation.


With 46 million likes this is Disney's most popular social media platform. There is rarely any cross posting across their social media platforms and all content is unique to each channel. They share similar themes of content. They keep it visual with quotes from popular films. They continue to post inspiring images and characters as well as regularly providing links to quizzes and interesting articles. Their captions are short but their tone of voice comes across well and very specific to their audience. In addition to that they produce cute and funny videos that they know their target audience will love. For instance they posted recently "a hamster's day out" which got over 300,000 views. What is great about their Facebook presence is their casual approach, descriptions and their tone of voice. They are more entertaining and humorous on Facebook which comes across from their varied content.


Disney has 1.5m YouTube subscribers. They use YouTube as a creative platform as exemplified by their emoji series. They present films imagined in Emojis and its simply amazing. A really good way to integrate modern concepts even into the oldest of Disney’s fairy tales

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video pinterest twitter
Standard Bank
Banking company

Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is one of South Africa’s largest financial services groups, operating in 20 countries across Africa and other key markets around the world. read more ...

Standard Bank recently took to twitter to ask their followers #WhatsYourNext? an initiative that got social media buzzing the entire Youth Day for the right reasons. The aim was to provide some much-needed financial support to youth in need of money; whether to pay off their fees or to strengthen their businesses.

How Standard Bank Creatively used Social Media

The mechanic was as simple as getting social media users to tweet Standard Bank a good reason why they should be given R10 000. They recently collaborated with two young South African creatives; Trevor Stuurman and TheSartists for #SBNextibition – a campaign that allowed both creatives to use the Standard Bank Gold Card to create accessories that relate to their personalities. With such campaigns, they have managed to communicate better with young audience with a clean and exciting message. Standard Bank is also a proud sponsor of the current cricket #SBProteas.
Humor works well for brands on social media as it shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously and people can relate to jokes and laughter by sharing the same thoughts and feelings. They make content that is relatable to situations that we always find ourselves in day to day.
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banking creative twitter
Chloride Exide
Manufacturing Company

Chloride Exide is The Largest distributor of automotive batteries, solar systems installation, power backup systems installation, solar water heating systems installations. read more ...

Customers and the social media community were highly entertained when their male staff, led by The Group CEO, walked a day in women’s shoes (literally) in support of women’s health, particularly breast cancer.

How Chloride Exide Used Social Media to Support Women’s Health

As corporate organisations celebrated the customer week in Kenya, Chloride Exide’s male employees dressed up as women in a cancer awareness campaign. The men, led by their group chief executive, ditched their suits for dresses and heels, accompanied by accessorized handbags and neckpieces. The company shared the photos on its social media accounts captioning how their male employees literally walked in women’s shoes. The post was shared over 900 times, over 2000 general comments on the shares and over 3,000 likes on the original post on the company’s social media page and received compliments from users who were impressed with the creativity. This built a massive brand and product awareness among their audience on social media and attracted a new kind of audience to their online community.

This article appeared originally on Nairobi News
Photo Courtesy of Chloride Exide

awareness social media brand

Digital advertising strategies

How does social media compare to other marketing channels?

When comparing social media vs. traditional media, it’s a good idea to know just what you’re stacking up. The category of traditional media is a rather large. You’re likely exposed to many outlets (if not all of them) every day. If you turn on the TV at home, listen to the radio in the car, or read a magazine at the dentist, you’re experiencing marketing through traditional media channels.

What is the difference?
See the differences
Social media marketing is far less expensive. You’ll pay a fraction of the traditional media price to reach the same number of people (or more) and you’ll be reaching the audience you want. And we have the numbers to prove it. The metric used in this assessment is Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM). The CPM of social media is less than $3. Radio comes in at around $10 and (big surprise) the CPM for TV is a whopping $28.
Traditional media uses a cannon to fire it’s message hoping to hit anyone that will listen (read, watch, etc.). Social media has the ability to target with laser precision. Social media marketing allows you, if you so desire, to market strictly to women over 60 who live in Nairobi, are interested in skydiving, and were recently married. This may not exactly represent your ideal customer but it gives you an idea of how specific you can make your marketing.
Social media marketing is a two-way street. You get the added bonus of hearing back from your customers. Do they prefer that your product function differently? Should it look a certain way? You can use social media to gauge interest in new geographic markets as well and target your product or services to their needs. Also gathering user information through email subscriptions helps you maintain contact with regular customers.
Traditional media has a limited set of formats you can use for each. For example to have a video ad, you would need a TV commercial while radio only handles audio. Social media has the ability to work with whichever content and vary it from platform to platform. It allows you to run concurrent campaigns using the same content in different formats to the same or different audiences.

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